Diablo 2 Resurrected Mercenaries


Mercenaries are the NPCs that can be hired by players to fight alongside them. Mercenaries were actually a novelty in the earlier versions of the game, but in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction expansion, they can be effectively upgraded to provide support.

There are four different types of Mercenaries; Rogues, Town Guards, Iron Wolves, and Barbarians. Players are allowed to only use one of these Mercenaries at a given time, and if you do end up hiring a new one, the older one is completely replaced.

They can be outfitted with weapons of the appropriate type, headgear, and body armor, and they also benefit from the same bonuses that your character enjoys. They do have inherent stats and bonuses, and the ability to survive without high-quality equipment. In patch 1.10, Mercenaries are available to be hired at levels near those of your character. Yes, they were much lower in the earlier expansions, and they required leveling up for being useful, especially if we are talking about Hell Difficulty.

Rogue Scouts

Rogue Scouts are obtained from the NPC named Kashya in the Rogue Encampment, and you can obtain one in the form of a reward for completing the Blood Raven quest. They are Ranged attackers who use Bows to attack from a distance, and they are quite fragile so protecting them from danger is a must. However, they are reliable enough to dispense solid artillery support from behind the front lines. They sometimes wander back and forth uselessly due to confusing times, and the way their AI acts during an action scene.

They have the ability to add cold or fire damage on their arrows, and the option can be available only through the hiring window. It doesn’t make much of a difference in the overall damage, but cold can be useful due to its chill effects. They can also cast the Amazon skill called Inner Sight, which helps to lower the defense on an enemy by a set amount while sticking a white dot over their heads.

Rogue Mercenary Names

Aliza, Amplisa, Annor, Abhaya, Elly, Paige, Basanti, Blaise, Kyoko, Klaudia, Kundri, Kyle, Visala, Elexa, Floria, Fiona, Gwinni, Gaile, Hannah, Heather, Iantha, Diane, Isolde, Divo, Ithera, Itonya, Liene, Maeko, Mahala, Liaza, Meghan, Olena, Oriana, Ryann, Rozene, Raissa, Sharyn, Shikha, Debi, Tylena, and Wendy.

Desert Mercenaries

Desert Mercenaries are available for hiring through the NPC name Greiz in Lut Gholein. They are known to be Melee attackers that use Javelins, Spears, or Polearms to greater the effects. They are quite a popular hiring in the Diablo 2 platform as they come with various auras that can immensely benefit the character hire. They carry the following equipment; Polearms, Javelins, Spears, Armor, Helms, and they cannot equip Amazon-Only Javelins or Spears for diablo 2 act 2 merc. They possess the skill Jab Attack, and the three types of Auras they have available are introduced in each difficulty level.

For instance, Combat (Normal Difficulty Level): Prayer, Combat (Nightmare Difficulty Level): Thorns, Combat (Hell Difficulty Level): Prayer, Defense (Normal Difficulty Level): Defiance, Defense (Nightmare Difficulty Level): Holy Freeze, Defense (Hell Difficulty Level): Defiance, Offense (Normal Difficulty Level): Blessed Aim, Offense (Nightmare Difficulty Level): Might, and Offense (Hell Difficulty Level): Blessed Aim.

Desert Mercenary Names

Hazade, Alhizeer, Azrael, Ahsab, Chalan, Vikhyat, Haseen, Razan, Emilio, Pratham, Fazel, Jemali, Kasim, Gulzar, Mizan, Leharas, Durga, Neeraj, Ilzan, Zanarhi, and Waheed.

Iron Wolves

Iron Wolves are available for hiring through the NPC named Asheara in the Kurast Docks. They are Magical Mercenaries, and each one of them possesses abilities that specialize in Fire, Lightning, and Cold for diablo 2 resurrected mercenaries. Their AI is similar to that of the Rogue Mercenaries, as they tend to fight from behind the front lines (attack from a distance), which is even though they carry Shields and have a higher defense.

Since they carry abilities specializing in Fire, Cold, and Lightning, they can only use two or three spells. For instance, Inferno or Fire Ball (Fire), Glacial Spike, Ice Blast, and Frozen Armor (Cold), and Charged Bolt and Lightning Bolt (Lightning). Cold is the most preferred ability used by players as it can chill and slow down the target. However, if you look in terms of the damage dealers, then the three types are equivalent for diablo 2 resurrected mercenaries.
They are allowed to equip Armors, Shields, Helms, and Swords, and it’s worth noting that Iron Wolves Mercenaries rarely hit with their weapon, so they are best-equipped with a sword that has bonuses for spellcasters.

Iron Wolf Mercenary Names

Jelani, Barani, Jabari, Devak, Raldin, Telash, Ajheed, Narphet, Khaleel, Phaet, Geshef, Vanji, Haphet, Thadar, Yatiraj, Rhadge, Yashied, Jarulf, Flux, and Scorch.


Barbarian Mercenaries are available for hiring through Qual-Kehk in Harrogath, but that is once you have completed the quest called ‘Rescue the Barbarians’ for diablo 2 mercenaries. However, unlike Kashya (Rogue Mercenaries), Qual-Kekh doesn’t reward you with a free barbarian upon completing the quest. Aside from that, they possess the abilities Bash and Stun, and the equipment they’re allowed is – Barbarian Class-Specific Helms, One Sword as Dual-Wielding ability is not available, and Armor for diablo 2 mercenaries.

Barbarian Mercenary Names

Varaya, Khan, Klisk, Bors, Brom, Wiglaf, Hrothgar, Scyld, Healfdane, Emund, Heorogar, Halgaunt, Hygelac, Egtheow, Bohdan, Wulfgar, Hild, Heatholaf, Bill, Theodoric, Weder, Vikhyat, Unferth, Sigemund, Heremod, Hengest, Folcwald, Frisian for diablo 2 act 2 merc, Hnaef, Guthlaf, Oslaf, Yrmenlaf, Garmund, Freawaru, Eadgils, Onela, Damien, Erfor, Weohstan, Wulf, Bulwye, Lief, Magnus, Klatu, Drus, Hoku, Kord, Uther, Ip, Ulf, Tharr, Kaelim, Ulric, Alaric, Ethelred, Caden, Elgifu, Tostig, Alcuin, Sigurd, Gorm, Hollis, Ragnar, Torkel, Wulfstan, Alban, Barloc, and Lanth.

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