OSRS Void Knight Armor Overview

Being an OSRS player, you may already be familiar with the armor set called Void. However, it is the normal variant of the upgraded set called Elite Void, and in the following guide, we’ll also be talking about the same. But first, let’s talk about the normal Void Gear.

Void equipment is used by numerous players to perform well in activities, such as Player Killing and Bossing. It is also a well-known welfare ranged setup that many players use during raids, and the reason is that you can basically switch your combat style by changing your helmets. Equipping Void requires level 42 in each of the combat skills; Attack, Strength, Defense, HP, Magic, and Ranged. It also requires a combat level of 22 in prayer, which is different from those of the combat skills. Void is known for the defense bonuses that it has to offer without the need to sacrifice the offensive bonuses.

How To Obtain Void Knight Equipment?

You can only obtain Void Knight Gear from the Void Knights that reside on the island outside the Pest Control Minigame. However, it’s not that easy because you’ll have to play the minigame and earn commendation potions in order to purchase the armor pieces. Excluding the mace, the whole equipment costs about 850 commendation potions, and the pieces include, Top, Robe Bottom, Gloves, and Helmet.

Benefits: Thanks to the offensive bonuses Void equipment has to provide, you can complete Slayer tasks at a faster pace, without worrying much about the consumption of time. You won’t need a Slayer Helmet while completing tasks, because this equipment beats the bonuses that the helmet has to offer during tasks. Void is also a very genuine and popular option in the Wilderness because PVP situations are basically where you have to switch swiftly, and with the help of Void, you can do it easily with a few clicks.

Void Knight VS Elite Void Knight

There are a lot of similarities between them both. For instance, the requirements to equip the gear are the same, and they both have the same defense bonus to offer. However, along with similarities, there is also uniqueness between the two – The Elite version looks entirely different from the normal one, it offers a +3 additional bonus in prayer, and lastly the mage and range sets of Elite provide extra damage boosts.

How To Obtain Elite Void Knight Equipment?

Elite Void Knight armor can only be obtained once you’ve successfully completed the Western Province Diary, otherwise known as the osrs western diary. You cannot directly purchase it, because the equipment has to be upgraded from the normal variant, and that’ll cost you about 200 commendation points for every piece. The only pieces that can be upgraded are the Top and Rob Bottom, which will totally cost you 400 commendation points. In order to do that, you’ll have to visit the Void Knight Island and speak to the Elite Void Knight wandering around near the bank. But you won’t be able to talk to her, until or unless you’ve completed the Hard osrs western diary. Lastly, just have the required commendation points on you and Ta-Da!

How To Get to The Void Knights’ Outpost?

To locate the area, search for Ape Atoll in the south section of the OSRS map, and then look directly southwest to it. You’ll notice a small island and that’s where you have to reach. Now, there are quite a few ways to get there:

You can travel to Port Sarim and speak to the Squire to reach the location.

You can use an Amulet of Glory to directly teleport to Karamja, and then pay 30 OSRS Gold to the customs officer to reach the location. However, you’ll need to complete the first section of the quest ‘Garden of Tranquility’.

You can use the Minigame Group Finder system to directly teleport to the Pest Control minigame (which is located on the same island).