Runescape : Guide to Combat

Combat is probably one of the most trained skills in Runescape, whether it is attack, strength, defence, magic or range. These skills raise your combat level and make it easier for you to defeat your enemies. In this guide I will mainly focus on melee (because I’m a melee warrior), but there will be some traces of magic and range.

Level 1- 15

I assume your character has just started to play Runescape and you would want to level your combat level. To begin with, I suggest you either train on cows, chicken or the monks at the monastery east of Edgeville. Cows and chickens are good to train on, because they have low hp means you get the drops quicker, hit very low and have good drops. You can easily pick up the feathers from chickens or cow hides from the cows and sell it at the GrandExchange for a nice profit. The monks are good to train on mainly because if you are low on hp, you can just ask any of them to heal you, besides the one you are fighting.

Level 16 – 30

Now that you are level 16+, you can now fight slightly higher level monsters. I recommend you go to the Stronghold of Security and fight Minotaurs if you’re a ranger because they drop iron arrows which you can use, you can still train on them if you’re training melee or magic, you can just sell the arrows for a profit. One of my favourite places to train was in Al-Kharid, I was able to easily gain 3 levels in an hour or two by training on Al-Kharid warriors, because they just come and help their people attack you every time you attack one of them. Killing barbarian warriors is also a good idea because whenever you are low on food, you can just go to the nearby river, where there is usually someone fishing and dropping their catches, pick them up and cook them at the fire in the helmet shop or just take the meat off the table in the longhall.

Level 31 – 40

At level 31, acquire a brass key and kill hill giants, you might need some food, but they drop big bones which are good for prayer and sell for a high price at the GrandExchange. They also drop limpwurt roots which sell at about 1.6k, but there are usually a lot of people there so be sure to remember where the giants respawn. For rangers, kill zombies on the 2nd level of the stronghold of security because they drop steel arrows. You can also kill the guards at the Varrock East and West Gates.

Level 41 – 55

For mages and rangers, you can train on lesser demons in Karamja. Unfortunately, Warriors will need a lot of food if they want to, unless they have a very high defence. Lesser demons have a rare drop of a rune med helm will can be high alchemized into 10.9k. A great place to train at is at the 2nd level of the Stronghold of Security, kill the level 35 flesh crawlers, these are good for training on because they don’t hit high, and they keep attacking you, so you don’t really need your attention there. You can also kill moss giants if you like; they are at Crandor Island or at the Varrock sewers.

Level 56-75

Go to the Stronghold of Security again, this time go to the 3rd level. Kill giant spiders because they are like flesh crawlers and just keep attacking you. Bring some food with you, you will need it. You can still train on flesh crawlers if you like; in fact I think the best monster to train on if you just want xp for non-members in Runescape is the flesh crawler. You can also train on ice knights and ice giants, they are near Port Sarim. You can also train on lesser demons if you like.

Level 76-99

You can still kill flesh crawlers or giant spiders for quick xp. You can also attack greater demons at the edge of the non-member wilderness. They have better drops, but beware as revenants will come by frequently. Killing ice giants is also still an option because of their drops. You can also kill cockroach soldiers because they have lots of hp and they have really good drops like rune weapons and shields, runes and ores.

Have fun playing Runescape.